Individual, couple and family psychotherapy, Group therapy, School-based mental health services.

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Our Staff of Social Workers are trained professionals who are licensed by the State of New York, are led by Dr Nicoletta Pallotta.

Kristi Basile MHC-LP

As a therapist, recognizing the unique needs and wants of each individual client is imperative to growth and symptom management. In my therapy room, my clients can expect a welcoming, accepting space free of judgement that facilitates discovery and accelerates fulfillment.

My experience is made up by an eclectic set of skills to help personalize treatment plans and specific goals that speak to the individuality of each client. I have worked closely with clients suffering with a multitude of disorders, including, but not limited to depression, anxiety and self-esteem.

I believe therapy is a collaborative journey, with true answers made available only through exploration. Your better self is there, and only a willingness and acceptance stands between who you are now and who you have the potential to be.


Area of Expertise:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Autism Spectrum disorder
• Self esteem
• Interpersonal relationships

Samantha Otero, LMSW

As a Licensed Social Worker, my treatment approach is individualized and empathic to meet the needs of my clients. My style of treatment is a combination of insight-orientated and person-centered approaches. I work closely with my clients to create a supportive and safe therapeutic alliance, in which a positive relationship is built and maintained. I work in an open, thoughtful, and collaborative way to help clients: explore thoughts, express feelings, and create goals.

My clinical experience is in providing treatment to; women, children, adolescents, couples, and families. I believe the best way to see change occur for clients, is through self-exploration and self-acceptance. My therapeutic goal as a clinician is to help clients gain insight, understand their needs, and build awareness. Through this exploration we will work together to overcome struggles and create positive changes in your life.


Area of Expertise:

• Trauma
• Domestic Violence
• Relationship Issues
• Life Transitions
• Depression and Anxiety
• Grief
• Peer Relationships
• Self-esteem Issues

Giacomo Lucchetti, LMSW

As a Licensed Social Worker I am committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental, supportive, and empathetic environment, which allows for a place where my clients can become unburdened of their stressors. My therapeutic goal is to assist my clients in developing healthy coping skills, improving interpersonal relationships, and finding fulfillment within themselves.

My clinical experience is working with children, adolescents, and adults. My approach is tailored to each individual client’s needs. I work closely with my clients to form realistic and appropriate goals and objectives to help make healthy life changes.  I aim to use different therapeutic modalities to help a client achieve their goals, including cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive therapy, validation, and solution focused therapy.


Area of Expertise:

• Depression and Anxiety
• Life transitions
• Interpersonal relationships
• Grief
• Trauma
• Anger Management

Nikka Dela Cruz, LMSW

As a licensed social worker, I have clinical experience providing personal counseling to young adults coping with anxiety and/or depression, academic concerns, low self-esteem, interpersonal and relationship issues, grief, and other stressful events.

I strive to provide a comfortable, therapeutic space where you can experience safety and support in a non-judgmental environment. My treatment approach draws from a strengths-based perspective, while also incorporating Psycho-dynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, supportive counseling, and mindfulness skills.

My warmth, empathy, and friendliness is present in every session and we will work together to create realistic goals and objectives to improve your well-being.


Area of Expertise:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Relationship issues
• Transitional life changes
• Building self-esteem
• Grief

Katie Heeke, LMSW

As a Licensed Social Worker, I am committed to creating a safe, supportive, and empathetic environment where my clients can feel comfortable expressing themselves. I use a non-judgmental approach to form a therapeutic alliance with my clients where we can safely explore their thoughts and feelings, identify goals, overcome obstacles, and ultimately, improve their lives.

My clinical experience includes working with children, adolescents, and adults, and my therapeutic style is both insight-oriented and solution-focused. I use a combination of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness, Psycho-education, and Solution-Based Therapy, all while using a strengths-based approach.

I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their personal goals and hope that they are motivated to work for the same.


Area of Expertise:

• Depression and Anxiety
• Trauma
• Self-Esteem
• Anger and Stress Management
• Bereavement
• Life Transitions
• Interpersonal Relationships

Aurora Jones-Owens, LMSW

My interest in psychology began years ago in the arts. As a student of drama at the Lee Strasberg Institute, I receive my bachelor degree from New York University and began to study the Stanislavsky Method, which was the integration of the outward to the inward motivational psyche. I now have a graduate degree in social work and my post graduate work includes training in suicide, trauma, depression, anxiety, drama therapy, social drama games for dementia, “stop and think” intervention,

Internal Family Systems Therapy, Solution Focus and Motivational Interviewing. My approach is eclectic as I believe that each person has their own narratives, their own story or stories to tell. In providing a safe place to explore the inner parts of our true self without judgement or fear, it is my belief that healing or expression can occur.

Aurora Jones pic

Area of Expertise:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Relationship issues
• Transitional life changes
• Building self-esteem

GraceMarie Scarmato LMHC-LP

As a therapist, I understand that it may be difficult at times to come in and share your story. It is my priority to make my clients feel that they are in a welcoming, warm and trusting environment free from judgement. Each individual is different and experiences things in a unique way.

My experience consists of providing treatment to children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of disorders, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, bereavement, substance abuse, and self-esteem. I incorporate various techniques such as play, art, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help guide clients towards their goals. I look forward to guiding you through this journey.


Area of Expertise:

• Anxiety and depression
• Life transitions
• Interpersonal relationships
• Substance abuse
• Self-esteem
• Loss and bereavement
• Anger and stress management

Desiree Salvaggio  MHC

As a Mental Health Counselor, I am committed to providing each of my clients with a space where they feel comfortable and safe to open up and explore their thoughts and feelings. My goal is to help each client achieve an overall state of wellness and develop their best sense of self.

My clinical experience includes working with children, adolescents, and adults, with a multitude of disorders, such as but not limited to, anxiety & depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and emotional deregulation. My treatment approach varies, because no two clients are the same, however, I utilize a cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approach.

From my experience I believe that everyone, no matter what age, has the ability to change and grow, and only in the therapy space can that exploration happen.

Desiree Picture

Area of Expertise:

• Anxiety & Depression
• Self-Esteem
• Grief & Loss
• Substance Abuse
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Anger & Stress Management
• Peer Relationships
• Transitional Life Changes